2017 Silver Krugerrand

One of the biggest releases of the year. The 2017 Silver Krugerrand coin is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the flagship gold 1 ounce Krugerrand coin. The coins reverse showcases the symbolic South African Springbok antelope. The obverse has an image of South Africa’s former president, Paul Kruger. This coin was named the Krugerrand after […]

Most Collectible Coin in 2017

The 2017 31st Anniversary $1 American Silver Eagle is currently the most collectible coin in the world. It’s been said this coin is the most beautiful coin ever minted. The Silver Eagle Coin was first released from the U.S. Mint in 1986. One side of the coin has Lady Liberty and the reverse side has an […]

Gold’s Record As Money

History shows every single gold based currency eventually fails – the gold money stops circulating as the money of normal transactions, as currency. So it’s best to avoid the misunderstanding of history which leads so-called “gold bugs” to regard gold as the world’s only true and permanent money, because the hard historical fact is that […]

Ideas for Christmas Make Money Fast

Here are some ideas for Christmas so you can make money fast. People don’t realize that at The Coin and Jewelry Exchange we buy so many things. Things that will put money in your pocket so you can purchase items for loved ones and friends as gifts or perhaps purchase items for an event. Yes, we […]

American Gold Eagles Coin October 2016’s Hot Item

What is American Gold Eagle Coin? To the left of this article is an image of an American Gold Eagle Coin for those unsure of what it looks like. In October of 2016, Gold Eagles became a high demand surprising all. The Buzz with Dave Harper states “A total of 100,500 of these investment bullion […]

Why is Gold Valuable

Why is Gold Valuable Medals made of gold are given to winning athletes. Gold jewelry is also treasured by people throughout history. Ancient civilization would use the material as decorations in temples and in tombs, too. But what is behind the value that we place on gold? No other metal is held to quite as […]

Coin Cleaning Tips

You may have some coins in your collection that look to be in pretty poor shape. For the most part, you actually should not clean your coins because there is a high chance that this will decrease their value. Caring for your coins and cleaning them might be beneficial for you if the coin is not […]