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Collecting antiques and art can be a truly enjoyable, rewarding activity. From antique furniture and historical artifacts, to original paintings and sculptures, these items all hold a value to the individuals who own them and to the larger society that can see something of their history in the items.

Art Appraiser

We are an antique and art appraiser in Fort Myers that aims to state the most accurate values for both the items that we sell and buy. When buying your art and antiques, you want to be offered the most fair amount for these items, especially when they have a special importance. Antiques can often be one-of-a-kind items that are difficult to come across, so making the decision to sell is not always easy.

As an antique and art dealer in Fort Myers that is trusted in the area, we assure you that we have your desires always in mind. We have many years of experience with valuables of all types and will provide you with the most accurate valuation of your art or antique item. Our environment is pressure free, whether you are looking to sell your piece or purchase one of the pieces we have available.

Call 239-209-2051 or come visit us in our shop to see what we have available or to get an value for your valuables. You can see some of our antiques below to get an idea of what we carry.


We Sell Antiques

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Here are a few of the antiques we have available to purchase in our store.

American Indian Artifacts
American Indian Artifacts
Antique Bronze Statue Of Girl And Boy
Lalique Nude Statue
Fathers and Sons Painting

What Is an Antique?

Generally, an antique is more than 100 years old and items that are less than 100 years old, but not new, are referred to as vintage. The 100 year mark was set in 1930 by the United States government. At that time, antiques were exempt from customs duties when being brought into the country and many people had been trying to save a few bucks by calling anything that wasn’t brand new an antique. After consulting several experts, the government decided that an object had to be older than 100 years to be considered an antique and that definition has been widely adopted by the industry. However, there are some exceptions to that rule – for example, there are very few automobiles that are more than 100 years old, so the oldest autos are called antiques, even though they may hail from the 1920s or 1930s. Also, some use 75 years as the cutoff point for an antique.

The world of antiques is more of a science than anything else because of the wide range of items and the ever changing market. Accuracy is key to finding true valley in any piece. When we say antique dealer we are also referring to collectable and vintage dealer because there are many different views as to what antiques are these days.

Antiques & Vintage items

Our store in Fort Myers, FL offers superior customer service and a main goal of getting you an accurate value. We buy and sell all types of antiques, collectibles and vintage pieces and also have many unique pieces for sale. Come visit us today!