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If there is one thing The Coin and Jewelry Exchange knows, it is being a Gold Buyer. We have seen it all. We promise to not only provide you with the most accurate appraisal but also the highest paying in the industry.

If your reside or work in the Southwest Florida area, John, the owner, will make a “house call” or visit your work and provide you with an on-the-spot cash appraisal of your item(s).

Coin, pieces of hard metal, has been used as a mode of exchange since historical times. They are standard in weight and are produced in bulk order for promoting legal trade. Mostly, they are issued by the government, but some private firms also issue them for personal business holdings, like tokens. They are made from valuable metal and are stored in big numbers as bullion coins.

Gold Bullion


Gold Bullion

When we speak of bars: silver or gold, precious metals or ingots, we refer to them as bullion. Bulk production of a valued metal is known as bullion, and the value is determined by the content of metal used which is measured by the pureness and the mass of the metal. For trading bullion, London Bullion Market is the best place.

London Bullion Market

The London Bullion Market is an over-the-counter market where you can trade silver and gold at wholesale rates. And, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) organizes all the activities within the LBMA. It is the LBMA that sets the quality standards for the gold and silver bars. The minimum acceptable fineness for a gold bar is 99.5% from a gold bar and for silver bars it is 99.9%. No matter which part of the world you belong to LBMA is your destination for bullion trading.

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Here are a few of the coins we have available to purchase in our store today.

Chinese Panda Coin
Gold $50 American
1 Ounce
Buffalo Coin
1 Ounce Gold
African Krugerrand
1 Ounce Gold
Gold Maple Leaf
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Gold Philharmonic


Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

Jewelry or ornaments are a girl’s best friend. They are made from many different materials like simple plastic, metal, gold, and silver to gems, stones, precious metals, and beads. Jewelry was designed to adorn the body, but at times the same jewelry becomes a life saver and an asset. Owning a valuable ornament has many benefits like:
• Look and appearance: A simple chain on the neck can enhance one’s look;
• Investment: Many buy them just for the investment purpose; and
• Value: Such ornaments never lose their value, it only increases.

Scrap Gold

Broken rings, jewelry or gold chains, worn, scratched bent engagement and wedding rings, orphan or broken ear rings that just take up room in your jewelry box. The Gold and Jewelry Exchange, is always looking for customers to bring in their scrap gold and broken jewelry. We would be happy to look at what you have and give you a fair market price.

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Gold has always been an adorning ornament, but in times of a financial crisis this gold is very useful. There are many gold buyers available in the market who will give you the correct value for your gold. But, before you deal with a gold buyer, you should consider some facts. For example, what is the rate of gold in the market, does the gold buyer have a respectful place in the market, and most importantly, never take money in installments.

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