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As the name suggests, a jewelry buyer refers to a person who buys jewelry. Choosing quality jewelry at an affordable price is not an easy task. A thorough knowledge of the jewelry industry can assist the jewelry buyer in making the best choices when it comes to buying jewelry. Before making a purchase, he/she should try to learn about the grading of the desired jewelry. Jewelry buying is considered a good investment. Nevertheless, if it is not done with utmost care, it may turn out to be a bad investment choice. The value of a piece of jewelry reduces as soon as you buy it. An intelligent jewelry buyer will always be well-informed about the grading, making charges, current exchange rate, mountings and resale prices of different types of jewelry. This kind of knowledge allows better negotiation in bargaining for a fair price.


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What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry refers to jewelry that had been owned by another person in the past. A piece of estate jewelry is considered an antique piece only if it is at least 100 years old.  Some jewelry considered to be estate jewelry is Georgian, Late Victorian and Edwardian.
Here are some tips when buying estate jewelry:
1. Check thoroughly for any big scratches or dents;
2. Since it is old jewelry, it would be good to make a thorough check for any missing stones;
3. Buy estate jewelry from highly reputable dealers;
4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a price;
5. Learn whether there has been any improvement or restoration done on the jewelry previously; and
6. Being knowledgeable about the history and origin of the estate jewelry will be useful while negotiating its price.

Here at The Gold and Jewelry Exchange, we are always looking for customers to bring in their vintage jewelry. Jewelry that has immense value are rings. Diamond rings or sapphire and ruby studded rings have a lot of value. We would be happy to look at what you have and give you a price.



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