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As with other valuable metals such as gold and diamond, silver is a good investment option by merchants and silver buyers. As, silver is highly flexible, it can be easily molded and used in making of coins, jewelry or bullion. The prices of silver metals have increased to a large extent in the recent past. The driving factors of silver prices are the supply-demand graph. The advantage of silver metal investment over gold metal is that silver is β€˜money’ as well as an industrial metal.

Silver Bullion and Silver Coins

In the context of silver, bullion refers to it as bulk rectangular-shaped pieces made of silver. These pieces, also known as silver bullion bars that are often bought for the sole purpose of investment. The weight and purity of the bar determine its value in the market. As the weight increases, its value also increases considerably. A silver buck may also come in the shape of coins known as bullion coins. A silver buyer may buy silver in order to use it as an investment or as a protection against inflation. In the past, silver and gold buck coins were used in the form of currency.


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Silver as a Jewelry Investment

A silver buyer may opt to buy or invest in many forms of silver jewelry available in the market: Sterling silver, Alpaca silver and Silver electroplate to name a few. If a buyer is interested in buying silver jewelry, sterling silver is one of the best options. As sterling silver is genuine, it is also Hallmark certified metal. A hallmark can be in the form of a number, picture, wordings or symbol. Pure silver is rarely used in making jewelry, but sterling silver is the closest to pure silver.
Silver electroplate refers to that type of silver jewelry that is not real silver in nature. This type of jewelry is used only as an ornament. It does not have value in the retail market as only about 5% of the jewelry will be real silver. Alpaca silver is a type of costume jewelry. It only possesses the color of silver, but in reality it is just an alloy of copper, zinc, nickel and iron. Though it does not contain any real silver in most cases, there are instances in which it may contain a very small percentage of sterling silver plating.