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At The Coin & Jewelry Exchange, we buy all types of silver collectible coins minted from any time period and from all over the world. Many nations, including the United States, honor aspects of their rich history through the coinage of commemorative collectible coins. Silver is often used in the making of these coins. Silver collectible coins date back through the ages, spanning roughly the last 2600 years of recorded history, and many pivotal events in the course of human history have been memorialized on the obverse and reverse of these sometimes extremely valuable pieces of art.


We buy all types of coins, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, gold scrap and diamonds from customers throughout Fort Myers FL and surrounding areas.

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We pay more for your unwanted scrap gold jewelry, platinum jewelry and sterling silver flatware. We buy all types of platinum jewelry, gold jewelry,  watches as well as diamonds.


We work with customers throughout Fort Myers area who want to sell gold and platinum jewelry, precious metals coins and bullion, sterling silver flatware, diamonds and more. We buy broken and unwanted gold and platinum jewelry scrap. We are a family owned and operated business.


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We Sell Silver Collectible Coins

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Silver Collectible Coin Buyers

Many silver coins that have been minted by countries around the world for regular commerce transactions and normal, everyday circulation can be considered silver collectible coins. In the United States, for example, coins minted during 1964 and earlier were made with 90% silver. These coins generally trade for their silver content but some of them can be quite rare and have a value worth considerably more than their silver content. In the coin business, these are called key dates or better dates. Often times these silver collectible coins can look just like regular pocket change and can easily be confused as spendable money.

Sell Silver Collectible Coins

The silver collectible coins, as well as silver commemorative coins, often rely on condition grading to determine their proper market value. At The Coin & Jewelry Exchange, our experienced staff has been extensively trained in the fine art of coin grading, authentication and market pricing evaluation. Using the industry standard Sheldon Coin Grading Scale we can quickly and accurately determine the proper coin grade and, based on that number, attribute an accurate market value to your silver collectible coins. We also utilize state of the art equipment, to verify the purity of the precious metal content and authenticity of any silver collectible coins. No coin collection is too large for our staff to handle.

At The Coin & Jewelry Exchange, we buy all types of coins such as bullion coins, proof coins, numismatic coins, and commemorative coins – this includes all precious metals types such as gold and silver coins. Our process is safe, simple and fast. To get started, all you need to do is request a free appraisal at our store in Fort Myers FL.

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