Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 from the Golden Age

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At The Coin & Jewelry Exchange, we treat you fairly, and with respect, at all times. We know that the decision to sell old comic books can sometimes be a tough one to make, due to a cash crunch, and that your books may have sentimental value.


Most big websites want your quality comic books on consignment or for their auctions. We will buy them auction fees, no risk that the buyer won’t pay or that the company that has your books will go out of business. Just a fair offer and immediate payment.


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What makes comic books valuable?

The value of a given comic book is determined by multiple factors, though there are some general guidelines that can help identify whether a comic is valuable or not. Comic books range in value from a few cents to millions of dollars, The most valuable comic books are the earliest superhero appearances. The vast majority of comic books, especially more modern editions, are worth cover price or less

Though the first appearances of superheroes are generally regarded as the most valuable comic books, there are “holy grail” comics from each period of publishing history, like:

  • Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 from the Golden Age
  • Showcase #4 and Amazing Fantasy #15 from the Silver Age
  • Incredible Hulk #181 and Marvel Spotlight #5 from the Bronze Age
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 from the Copper Age
  • Walking Dead #1 from the Modern Age

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Here are a more of the comics we have available to purchase online.


Here are a more of the comics we have available to purchase in our store.

We buy old comicsWe buy old comicsWe buy old comics
We buy old comicsWe buy old comicsWe buy old comics

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